Facials & Treatments

Free Face Mapping and free Dermalogica product samples available. Please consult with a skin care therapist.

Skin For All Seasons Signature Facial

Deep pore cleansing facial for all skin types to maintain skin health. Includes light exfoliation, steam, extractions, anti-stress face, neck, and shoulder massage, and a customized finishing masque.

60 minutes$80.00

Customized Resurfacing Facial

All the benefits of our Signature Facial along with a customized resurfacing treatment using advanced anti-aging ingredients that will visibly brighten, improve hydration, and revitalize the texture of your skin.

75 minutes$95.00

Vital C Signature Face Lift

Hydrate/Radiate/Regenerate with this results-driven treatment that combines Vitamin C, hydroxi acids, and fruit enzymes to speed up cellular renewal to lighten, brighten, and tighten skin in just one session. Hyaluronic acid adds moisture to dry/dehydrated skin. Includes a Biomolecular Recovery Mask that detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin providing the ultimate hydrating recovery.

60 minutes$110.00

Collagen Facial

Get instant results with this replenishing facial. Skin is exfoliated and infused with hydrating serums penetrated by ultra sonic frequency. Invigorating massage techniques stimulate circulation and cell renewal followed by our luxury collagen fiber blanket masque to plump fine lines leaving your skin younger looking and glowing. Includes a nourishing hand massage. The perfect facial for special occasions!

75 minutes$100.00

Ultra Sonic Facial

Ideal for all skin types including Rosacea! This three-stage system uses low frequency ultra sound to gently clean and remove dead skin cells. Provides deep penetration of nutrient-rich ingredients and micro current therapy to restore skin to a healthy balance.

60 minutes$85.00

Clarifying Acne Facial

This deep cleansing treatment combines serious medicated ingredients along with professional exfoliation to remove pore-clogging skin cells. Skin is extracted to help clear current breakouts. Soothing botanicals are penetrated followed by a purifying masque to detoxify and calm irritation and redness.

60 minutes$80.00

Customized Power Peel Treatments

These chemical peels are an excellent treatment choice for a wide range of skin concerns from acne to hyperpigmentation to advanced signs of aging. They remove the skin's outer most layers to stimulate cell renewal by improving skin texture and appearance. Our professional skin therapists will tailor each treatment to help you achieve healthier, younger looking skin.


  • Discontinue use of retinol and no facial waxing one week prior to treatment.
  • No botox and fillers two weeks prior to treatment
  • Pregnancy
  • Prone to cold sores
  • Accutane

    30 minutes$65.00
    Purchase a Series of Three (30 minute) Treatments$165.00 (reg. $195.00)
  • Microdermabrasion Treatment

    This laser cut diamond tip exfoliates and polishes away dead skin cells to assist in cell regeneration, soften fine lines, and stimulate collagen revealing softer, more radiant skin followed by a customized finishing masque.

    20 minute Microdermabrasion Treatment$75.00
    Microdermabrasion with Ultra Sonic Treatment$100.00
    Microdermabrasion with Extraction$105.00
    Microdermabrasion with Collagen Masque$115.00
    Microdermabrasion with Signature Facial$135.00


    Ideal for sensitive, dry, or mature skin. This resurfacing treatment will safely remove unwanted vellus facial hair (peach fuzz) and dead skin cells without the use of chemical peels allowing for deeper product penetration leaving you with smoother, more radiant skin. Includes a nourishing finishing masque.

    45 minutes$85.00

    Express Facial Treatment

    Includes a deep cleanse, steam, extractions, and finishing masque. Great for teens!

    45 minutes$65.00

    Purifying Back Treatment

    An amazing stand-alone treatment designed to rid your back of impurities. A deep cleansing scrub is followed by steam and extractions and finished with a customized purifying masque.

    45 minutes$75.00

    Relaxing Add-Ons To Any Facial Service

    For the ultimate in relaxation, de-stress your mind and body.

    Stress Relief Soothing Back Massage (10 min)$15.00
    Foot Massage (10 min)$10.00

    Hair Design

    Hair Design Services

    Hair Design prices may vary by experience level, length of hair, and time.

    Women's Cut & Style $45.00+
    Men's Cut & Style$30.00+
    Children's Cuts$15.00+
    Junior Stylists$25.00+
    Shampoo/Blow Dry$30.00+
    Shampoo/Set/Flat Iron, starting at $35.00+
    Hair and Scalp Treatments $15.00+
    Formal Styling/Up Dos$70.00+

    Hair Color/Chemical Services

    Color prices based on consultation.

    Single Color Regrowth$55.00+
    Single Color Roots to Ends$65.00+
    Shades EQ Color Gloss$65.00+
    Double Process$75.00+
    Bleach Process$50.00+
    Cap Highlight$55.00+
    Partial Foil$75.00+
    Full Foil$100.00+
    Ombre/Balayage (Consultation Recommended)$100.00+
    Permanent Waving (price based on length of hair)$65.00+

    Keratin Smoothing System - Lasts 3-5 months

    This is a revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment for the hair especially formulated to eliminate up to 95% of frizz and curls. Keratin Complex by Coppola lasts over 3 months.
    *Not recommended if you will be swimming in salt or chlorinated water.*
    **PLEASE NOTE that the duration of the treatment and the price depend on the density and the length of the hair.**

    2 hours$200.00+

    Keratin Express Blow Out - Lasts up to 6 weeks

    This Express Keratin Treatment takes less time but the results are long-lasting (4 to 6 weeks). This treatment is perfect for colored hair as it locks in the color, reducing frizz, and allows you easier and faster styling time.
    *Not recommended if you will be swimming in salt or chlorinated water.*
    **PLEASE NOTE that the duration of the treatment and the price depend on the density and the length of the hair.**

    60 minutes$125.00+

    Nail Services

    Nail Services

    OPI & Essie Nail Colors

    Manicure (30 min)$15.00
    Gel Manicure (45 min)$30.00
    Pedicure (45-60 min)$35.00
    Manicure & Pedicure (75 min)$50.00
    Pedi Polish Change (20 min)$15.00
    Polish Change (15 min)$10.00
    Paraffin Hand Treatment (15 min)$15.00
    French Polish Additional$5.00

    Make-Up Services

    Make-up Artistry

    Make-Up Application$50.00
    Make-up Application with Instruction$65.00
    Add-On Individual Lashes$25.00+
    Add-On Eyelash Strips$15.00

    Eyelashes & Brows

    Look absolutely fabulous with these fantastic services that are the hottest trend!

    Lash Extensions (Full Set)

    Extensions are made from single strand synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural lash. Each lash is applied one by one to provide length and volume for a more glamorous look.

    75 minutes$175.00+

    Lash Extension Fills

    Anything over four weeks is considered a full set.

    1 Week Lash Fill$65.00+
    2 Week Lash Fill$75.00+
    3 Week Lash Fill$85.00+
    4 Week Lash Fill$100.00+

    Eyelash Lift

    Transform your lashes and look years younger!

    Benefits of Lash Lifting:

  • No need for eyelash curlers
  • Enhances the lashes by lifting them from the root
  • Gentle solution, similar to perming
  • Creates the illusion of longer lashes
  • Opens up the eyes
  • Lasts for approximately 8-10 weeks

    60 minutes$80.00
  • Eyelash Lift with Eyelash Tint

    *Inform therapist of any allergies to hair dye.

    75 minutes$100.00 (reg. $110.00)

    Eyelash Tinting

    Are your lashes invisible without mascara? Create the appearance of longer, thicker lashes with our new eyelash tint formula!
    *Inform therapist of any allergies to hair dye.

    30 minutes$30.00

    Eyebrow Tinting

    Enhance your eyes with bold, beautiful brows!
    *Inform therapist of any allergies to hair dye.

    15 minutes$25.00

    Special Occasion Individual Lashes

    Add-on individual lashes for a more natural look.

    20 minutes$25.00+

    Special Occasion Eyelash Strips

    Add-on eyelash strips for a more dramatic look.

    10 minutes$15.00

    Brow Threading and Microblading

    Refer to dldbrows.com for more details on these services and to book these services online.


    Customized Massage & Spa Treatments

    Spa Etiquette: Throughout your massage, you will be discreetly covered. All treatments are provided for therapeutic purposes. Respectful conduct is required at all times.

    We reserve the right to refuse your massage due to any unlawful conduct. As a result, your treatment or session will be terminated at the discretion of the therapist.

    Customized Massage Treatments

    No two bodies are alike. Let our therapists customize the right therapeutic massage treatment to best fit your needs.

    Our Services Include:

  • Swedish 30/60/90 min.
  • Deep Tissue 30/60/90 min.
  • Pre and Post Natal 60 min.
  • Hot Oil Massage 60 min.
  • Hot Stone Massage 60 min.
  • Holistic 60 min.
  • Ear Candling with Upper Body Massage 60 min.

    30 minutes$60.00
    60 minutes$80.00
    90 minutes$120.00
  • Hot Oil Massage with Lorna

    A deeply nourishing warm oil massage that bathes the joints with tranquil healing. Excellent for chronic tension, fibromyalgia, insomnia, fatigue, and arthritis.

    60 minutes$85.00

    Hot Stone Massage with Lorna

    Designed to enhance deep relaxation, this massage is intensified by the use of hot lava stones. The heat penetrates deep into the muscles, melting away layers of tension and stress.

    60 minutes$95.00

    Holistic Massage with Lorna

    In addition to traditional massage, Lorna combines 15 years of advance massage skills and energy work with healing and wellness education. Leave each session feeling physically relaxed. Strengthen and realign your energy centers to calm your mind so you can heal your body.

    60 minutes$80.00

    Ear Candling with Upper Body Massage with Lorna

    Totally relax with this safe and holistic treatment finished with a lymphatic face, neck, shoulder, and scalp massage.


  • Removes stubborn ear wax and impurities
  • Reduces sinus pressure
  • Improves taste and smell
  • Disperses stagnate energy

    60 minutes$80.00
  • Relaxing Add-Ons to any Massage Treatment

    For the ultimate in relaxation, de-stress your mind and body.

    Foot Scrub with Hot Towels$10.00

    Body Renewal Program

    Massage Therapy for your Health & Well-Being!
    The Skin For All Seasons Body Renewal Program is available with selected licensed massage therapists.
    Must be completed in three months.

    Benefits of Massage Therapy:
    Physical relaxation
    Improved circulation which nourishes cells and removes toxins
    Relief for tight muscles (knots) and other aches and pains
    Greater flexibility and range of motion
    Enhanced energy and vitality

    Series of 3 Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage$210.00

    Skin For All Seasons Signature Treatment

    Our most popular treatment! Pamper yourself from head to toe with this relaxing and hydrating treatment. Your body will be nourished with a 30 minute soothing massage along with a 30 minute customized facial.

    60 minutes$95.00

    Mineral Salt Glow/Body Polish

    Hydro-active mineral salts are combined with pure essential oils then massaged over the body in light circular motion to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and stimulate circulation. The mixture is removed and a hydrating moisturizer is applied leaving the skin renewed, hydrated, and silky smooth. Shaving is not recommended before treatment.

    45 minutes$70.00

    Waxing Services

    Waxing Services

    If you are on Retin-A or Accutane, please inform us. Prices may vary based on time, amount of hair growth, and size of area.

    Brow Shaping$18.00+
    Brow and Lip$26.00+
    Lower Arm$25.00+
    Full Arm$40.00+
    Brazilian (Series of 3)$150.00
    Lower Leg$40.00+
    Upper Leg$45.00+
    Full Leg$80.00+

    Spray Tanning

    Spray Tanning

    A natural flawless sun-kissed tan without the damaging effects of the sun. Your tan will be customized to your individual skin tone.

    Important Instructions

    Before your spray tan:
    Shower and exfoliate (DO NOT use exfoliates that contain oil).
    DO NOT apply creams, lotions, body sprays, or perfume.
    NO deodorant.
    Shaving or waxing should be done prior to tanning.

    What to wear:
    NO jewelry (we cannot be responsible for items left behind).
    Dark undergarments or a dark swimsuit. Disposable underwear is available.

    After your spray tan:
    DO NOT rub the palms of your hands on your body until you are dry.
    Wash your hands if they look stained.
    Wait eight hours before showering. Do not do any activity that would cause you to sweat or get wet.
    When you do shower, you will see the excess color come off.
    When showering, do not use exfoliates, sponges or brushes.
    Gently wash skin with a mild body wash.
    Make sure to moisturize your skin daily, for a longer lasting tan.
    After two days, you can lightly exfoliate, to help with even fading.

    Full Body$35.00
    Upper Body (includes torso, arms and face)$20.00
    Legs Only$15.00
    Face Only$8.00

    Wedding and Special Occasion Hair Services

    Hair Design (In Salon Tuesday - Saturday)

    Customized, individual hair design for that special event. We recommend that you come in for a consultation 10-12 weeks in advance to ensure all your needs are met.

    Trial Updo (Bride)$75.00+
    Trial Updo (Bridesmaid)$60.00+
    Wedding Day Updo (Bride)$100.00+
    Wedding Day Updo (Bridesmaid)$75.00+
    Blow Dry and Simple Styling$30.00+

    Sundays and Out of Salon

    Prices vary based on availability and location. Any location more than 10 miles away will be an additional charge.

    Prices available upon request.

    Wedding and Special Occasion Make-Up Services

    Customized, individual make-up services to help you look your best on that special day.

    Bridal & Photographic Trial Make-Up

    When you need to look your absolute best. (Does not include Eyelash Application.)

    In Salon (Tuesday - Saturday)$75.00+

    Bridal & Photographic Wedding Day Make-Up

    Make-up application customized just for you on your special day. (Does not include Eyelash Application.)

    In Salon (Tuesday - Saturday)

    Add-On Individual Lashes$25.00+
    Add-On Eyelash Strips$15.00

    Sundays and Out of Salon

    Prices vary based on availability and location. Any location more than 10 miles away will be an additional charge.

    Prices Available Upon Request.